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We are fans of our business, we work for your emotions. We are happy to see the family enjoying something new in their life and we are happy with them, because interior design is something more


Professionals team

Naimat Shah

Naimat Shah

Civil Engineer & Interior Designer
Nabi Shah

Nabi Shah

Project Director
Raj Vishwakarma

Raj Vishwakarma

Interiror Designer
Pramod Mishra

Pramod Mishra

Project Manager
Rahmat Shah

Rahmat Shah

3D Visualizer
Umang Yadav

Umang Yadav

Graphic Designer

Our work process make your dream true

Interior Designing Process

  • Dive into the project:

    • Meeting and discussion of the idea
    • Measurements
    • Concept development
    • Object budgeting
  • Design

    • Planning decision
    • 3D visualization of premises
  • Implementation

    • Full package of working documentation
    • Selection of face, finishing materials and furniture
    • Architectural supervision
  • Opening

We are ready to offer you the following services

Creativity and the desire to stand out have always been our driving forces. Our continual goal has been to remain at the forefront of interior design since we think that designs are only the integration of someone's dreams. Through a solid foundation of planning and implementation exercises, the firm is motivated by this idea to shape what is on the mind and deliver visions.

Interior design

Picture of an interior design By establishing the necessary amount of space and choosing both necessary and decorative elements, such as colours, lighting, and materials, interior designers make indoor environments aesthetically pleasing, safe, and useful. They need to be proficient in drawing, reading, and editing blueprints.

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Commercial interior design

Professionals that design and oversee the development of these commercial spaces are known as commercial interior designers. Interior designers assist clients in making decisions about furnishings, finishes, and colours that complement the company's aesthetic and brand. Interior wall arrangements and space utilisation are planned by designers.

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Architecture design

Using specific tools and, most importantly, creativity, the discipline of architectural design focuses on addressing and meeting the needs and demands for the creation of livable settings. Despite the widespread misconception that architecture is solely a technological endeavour, the goal is to integrate the technological and the aesthetic.

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